Lawyers have a social mandate to represent their fellow citizens in court. They can be used professionally in a wide variety of institutions. On the one hand, as a lawyer, you have the opportunity to become self-employed as an individual. However, you can also work in small law firms or specialized boutiques, as family lawyers Gold Coast, medium-sized law firms or large law firms. In addition, lawyers also work in large companies or associations.

In law firms, lawyers are either employed, work as freelance lawyers or are acting as partners and company and law firm owners. Often law firms are organized as partnership companies. The partnership is a type of company that is specially designed for liberal professions such as the legal profession. The partners each have shares in the partnership and manage their business.

The lawyer’s task is to represent the legal interests of his client in the best possible way, both in and out of court. It is important to first find out what your client wants. Then a strategy is worked out how the interests of the client can best be pursued: Should a lawsuit or other legal remedy be brought? Is it worth replying to a lawsuit against the client? What is the best defence strategy for an accused in criminal proceedings? The client must be informed about the case-specific legal situation, his chances of success, possibilities of preserving evidence and the cost risk associated with the case.

The work of a lawyer can be very different depending on the field of law. As a rule, a lawyer specializes in a certain subject area, such as tenancy law, labour law or, as in our office, media law.

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However, routine activities such as checking e-mails, making phone calls, answering mail, searching out and processing files are always part of the day-to-day work of every lawyer. He also attends court appointments and talks with clients.

However, the work of a lawyer never gets boring, because the client’s inquiries could often not be more varied. You always have to familiarize yourself with new legal case constellations and at the same time follow the legal development and possible changes in the law.

Duties of a lawyer:

  • Iinitial consultation of the client
  • Drafting of briefs in the interests of the client e.g. letters to the other party, lawsuits and other legal remedies
  • Client discussions and correspondence
  • Contract drafting
  • Appointments to court or authorities
  • Conclusion of out-of-court settlements
  • Carrying out explicit procedural acts (e.g. concluding comparisons, pleading, raising, appealing)and much more …

In addition to mandate work, the lawyer’s day-to-day work can also involve completely different tasks. As a lawyer at a law firm, you are always in close contact with media representatives and their lawyers regularly appear as experts in the press and radio. Some of them work as lecturers or speakers in their specialist areas at specialist conferences.