Every one of us living in this world deserves a life out of danger, fear and other issues from the environment or from people. Apart from the effects of environment due to several factors, there are lot of people who act and live against the peace of other people. Every activity of people in the society should be segregated as good and bad ones to avoid crime that could happen either knowingly or unknowingly.

Even in this modernized era, a lot of crimes are happening on women of all ages, children and even men. It is because of the fact that there is no strict rules or laws implemented in the country for the culprits. Even if there is any strict law or rule available, the officers who are responsible for maintaining the same seems to be corrupted for money that the culprits pay them. So it is not always about the laws available in any countries but the government which is solely responsible for making it come true. Here are some things that we as a responsible citizen of any country must do to prevent the illegal activities from happening. They are as follows,

  • Do not encourage even a small activity that is against the determined rule of any country. Try to teach your family members and all other neighbors the same thing to start changing the society to become more right and stronger than other bad people. Try to work with any public or private organizations who could help you with many problems regarding many matters. Teach your kids and family members to be careful with new people they are meeting and try to teach them how to respond to them on different things.
  • A lot of crimes on kids and adults happen at a place where there is no crowd of people around. Apart from accompanying them every time it is good to teach them to manage the toughest situations that they might face in the future. Be an example to other growing kids and adults so that creating a well mannered society would be more easy. Become a social activist to teach other people the values of living in a safer environment and how to make it safe with several lifestyle changes. Teach every people about the laws implemented especially for the citizens to take care of themselves as well as other needy people.