In terms of child obligation, both parents have their duty and responsibility to them. It is the right of the child to receive financial support and guidance from both parents. Unluckily, child support can be a contention after a divorce. Singapore has guidelines setting rates of child support. Child support is based on the number of children and income. Child support payments will be based on the Singapore Child Support Guidelines.

Every child custody case has a determination of child maintenance or child support. For advice on child maintenance in Singapore. Click here.

Who can apply for child maintenance?

If the child is below 21, the parent will make the application for child maintenance. The child at that age is still under child guardian or has actual custody of the child. The child’s siblings can also make an application if they reach 21 and above. If the child is 21 and above, application for the child maintenance is done by herself or himself.

The person who applies for child maintenance has to prove that the child can’t maintain herself or himself, and the spouse refused or neglected to provide reasonable maintenance.

How to make a child maintenance application?

Divorce proceedings cover the application for child maintenance. If applying for child maintenance from the spouse as a part of the divorce proceedings, the application will be heard during the ancillary matters hearing along with matrimonial assets. Applying for child maintenance when not yet filing for a divorce from the spouse is also possible. Application for child maintenance is possible through making a Magistrate’s complaint.

For advice on child maintenance in Singapore. Click here.

Here is how:

Consider submitting a draft application first when applying for child maintenance. It is not compulsory but encouraged. A child maintenance order can be drafted, which the document can be used for the application, such as:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • ID
  • Court divorce order (Child maintenance for Muslim divorce)

The next step, go to the FJC or SCWO to verify the documents and submit the child maintenance application. After the application is submitted, the applicant will be before a judge to consider it.

Before the judge, you must swear or affirm that the contents of your application and answers to the questions of the judge are correct and true. Once the application is in order, a summons to the spouse will be issued by the judge. The summons will state a date on the first court hearing; both spouses should attend the hearing.

For advice on child maintenance in Singapore. Click here.